DZ25-2 (เครื่องปาดคอนกรีตระบบเลเซอร์)

DZ25-2 Concrete Laser Screed Presentation

More productive and high working effective than traditional level working way, DZ25-2 is designed for small commercial site, the bases concrete construction, saving time and money, provide you and your customer a easy way, produced floors at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. 

With laser controlled accuracy, this screed to higher tolerances than traditional hand methods and works more super with cement mixes of varying slumps.



               Machine ready working on Vietnam.


*2.5m width. Hanging leveling head, doesn't affect the fuselage, keep the site flat. It's easy to control the direction, this concrete level head which made you more easy working.

Intelligent operation panel, which made the operate more easier. The red button is the emergency-stop button, which guarantee your safty in the working site. And keep the machine more safe.DZ25-2,2_02

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